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Stock! Stock! Stock! The tabletop water filter TM "Juventa" made in South Korea is a modern system that does not require connection to the water supply and the power supply (which is convenient and safe), effective due to the use of the principle of natural filtration through natural natural filtering materials, which makes it possible to obtain at home, water is not inferior to spring water. Such filtration and purification is the most effective, because, as you know, what is created by nature is most suitable for humans.


How Juventa water filter works

River, lake and artesian water contains various impurities that destroy pipelines and plumbing equipment during operation. Metal and calcium salts are deposited on the pipe walls, clogging the adapters, which ultimately leads to premature wear and damage to the equipment. To enrich the purified resource with minerals necessary for the body, a mineralizer is additionally installed. Knowing how filters for water purification work under certain operating conditions, it is easier to choose a design that suits individual needs.

The advantages of juventa filters

  • Мaximum cleaning degree
  • Best Quality
  • Not complicated installation
  • Quality tested
  • Original Korea
  • Beautiful modern design
  • Models with glass and food grade plastic
  • Low cost
  • Clean water is always at hand
  • Simple filters

Filters for water

Juventa water filters

High-quality water purification. Reliable removal of impurities. Manufacturer`s warranty.



Filter accessories

Buy filter components and spare parts in the online store Juventa.com.ua

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